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You can always count on our team at Ray The Plumber to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly. But, it takes effort on your part, too.

So, dive into our blog for a between-the-pipes look at plumbing tips, tricks and advice you need to know to keep your space overflowing with serenity.

Pipes on a brick wall.
Why Slab Leaks Occur and How To Fix Them

25 January / No comments

Where on the floor have you seen moisture recently? Are you dissatisfied when the shower’s water pressure is low?...

Close-up of a set of pipes.
7 Simple Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Pipes

30 December / No comments

Plumbing problems are something every homeowner has to deal with eventually. Parts of your plumbing will start falling apart,...

A close-up of a valve
5 Signs You Might Have a Frozen Drain Pipe

9 December / No comments

Frozen pipes are a relatively common issue during winter and a very annoying one at that. There are a...

A black and white thermostat.
How to Add Heating Zones to Your Home This Winter

29 November / No comments

Since wintertime’s right around the corner, one must give their heating strategy some good thought (besides thinking about pipe...

Plumbing Pipes
Bought a House with Plumbing Issues – Now What?

10 November / No comments

Checking the plumbing in a house before buying it is very important. However, it might not be possible in...

Close-up of pipes.
When Is the Best Time to Winterize Pipes?

18 October / No comments

Winterizing your pipes is vital in preparing your house for winter. Protecting your home from the cold weather is...

modern house
Is Buying a Foreclosed House Right for You?

20 September / No comments

Buying a foreclosed house can be an excellent idea, both as a real estate strategy and for finding a...

Coffee Beans
Can Coffee Grounds Clog Your Drains?

2 September / No comments

It is not surprising that individuals are seeking ways to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, given the standard...

A close-up of the pipe network
How to Prepare for a Whole-House Repiping

27 July / No comments

You can fix most plumbing issues without hassle, as long as you contact a plumber quickly. This also applies...

kitchen sink
10 Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain

22 June / No comments

Although it’s tempting to just toss everything in the sink, there are some things you should avoid pouring down...