Plumbing Repairs

Pull the Plug on Your Plumbing Worries

With life moving along at the speed of a swift current, there’s no time for you to get slowed down. Unfortunately, from a leaky pipe to a backed up drain, it’s clear your plumbing system didn’t get the memo.

But don’t worry. With Ray The Plumber on your side, a plumbing problem won’t delay your day-to-day routine. That’s because our professionals deliver quick, yet reliable plumbing repairs to get your system flowing in the right direction again.

Tap Into Your Plumbing’s Wellbeing

Your home comfort relies heavily on your plumbing system’s performance.

When everything is operating smoothly, you and your comfort are living on easy street. However, from your toilet to your sink to your septic system, the second a part of your plumbing system starts acting up, your comfort goes down the drain.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t take long for a small problem to cascade into a costly catastrophe. Because of this, it’s crucial you take immediate action to get back on course.

Here are some words of advice for do-it-yourselfers out there: If you try to fix a plumbing problem on your own, consider the possible consequences. From misdiagnosing the problem to performing a faulty repair, you could create an even bigger mess.

So, do yourself, your plumbing, your wallet and your peace of mind a favor. Scrap the tool belt, grab your phone and call the professionals at Ray The Plumber. With years of extensive training and hands-on experience, you can count on our plumbers to resolve the problem the right way, the first time.

Pipe Up About Your Plumbing Problems!

Your plumbing system is vital to the smooth operation of your home. From washing your hands to taking a shower, it plays a major role in your daily routine. You need your plumbing to work day and night, which increases the chances for problems to arise. And when they do, keep this in mind: Even the smallest inconvenience is a big deal.

Here are some examples why.

A little drip is actually a big drop. In fact, when it comes to dripping faucets, one drip of water per second drops 2,082 gallons of water a year! Not only will ignoring this issue waste a tremendous amount of water, but it will cause your water bill to skyrocket, too.

Winter, spring, summer and fall—leaky pipes are a threat to your home throughout them all. Even though it may start off as a wet spot or two on the ground or ceiling, don’t be misled. A leaky pipe can result in costly water damage, which can put the structure of your home in jeopardy.

A running toilet is more than just an annoyance. Believe it or not, it can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day! If you don’t get a handle on your toilet’s operation, this annoyance will be costly for your budget and your serenity.

Plus, there are other common problems you need to watch out for, including:

  • Low water pressure
  • Slow or clogged drains
  • Sump pump malfunction during heavy rainfall
  • Water heater failure

Thankfully, Ray The Plumber’s team is equipped and ready to handle whatever plumbing problems you may face.

Swift & Dependable Care for Your Repair

With our professionals on your side, there’s no need for a plumbing problem to drain your budget or your peace of mind. So, if an issue arises, fill out our online form or call us at 1.877.CALL.RAY right away!