Why Choose Ray The Plumber?

Dive in Here to Find Out

For over 40 years, Ray The Plumber has worked tirelessly to drain away Long Island residents’ plumbing and heating worries. And we’re remarkably good at keeping our customers satisfied.

Here’s how we do it:

Fast, Reliable, Same Day Service

To us, it’s simple: The quicker we show up to your door with a solution, the sooner your home returns to its natural rhythm—and flow. That’s why we deliver the reliable services you want at the fast, same-day speed you need.

Industry Expertise That Can’t Be Beat

In the plumbing industry, there are two types of skills: The ones that can be taught and the ones that must be earned through hard work and years of hands-on experience. Well, our professionals possess both. For this reason, we guarantee your satisfaction of our high-quality services will be second to none.

Attain All of the Services Your Home Requires

We refuse to provide a service unless we’re confident we’ve mastered it. Well, lucky for you, our team has the plumbing and heating industry down pat. So, from unclogging your drain to finding a new fixture for your kitchen or bathroom, we offer an extensive line of services. This, in turn, makes our plumbing and heating company the only call you need to make to get a handle on your home.

The Guarantee That’ll Build Your Trust

You know the saying, “The customer’s always right”? Well, at Ray The Plumber, we take it a step further. We believe that if a plumbing part doesn’t last past one year of installation, then it shouldn’t fall on the customer’s shoulders. Because of this, we offer a one-year labor and material warranty. In short, if we supplied and installed a plumbing part for your residential space, and it becomes defective within one year, it’s our fault—not yours—and you can guarantee we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

See for Yourself—Literally

We could keep plunging into reasons why you should turn to Ray The Plumber for all of your plumbing and heating needs, but we know our customers have busy lives. So, we’ve packaged up all the details for you to watch our media here at your convenience. This is your chance to discover the unscripted truth about us.