Storm Drain Cleaning

Take a Hike, Water Damage!

When it rains, it pours. We all know this doesn’t just apply to rainstorms. When it comes to your property, it also refers to the downpour of problems caused by excess water—from disastrous flooding to contaminated water to erosion and more.

Luckily, you can count on storm drains to stop this from happening. From heavy rainfall to melting snow, storm drains channel surplus water into grates. From there, the water is redirected to a stream, lake or other nearby body of water. This, in turn, keeps extra water where it should be: away from your home, driveway, yard, parking lot and property.

However, rain or shine, it’s crucial you keep this drainage system flowing in the right direction. Well, our team at Ray The Plumber can help. From clearing a major blockage to performing a routine cleaning, our storm drain cleaning services will wash away your excess H2O worries—for good.

Cloudy With a Chance of a Clog

Water isn’t the only thing that flows through a storm drain’s grates. Mud, sticks, garbage and other objects do, too. Because of this, while your storm drain is handling your excess water, another potential storm is brewing—a clog.

A clogged storm drain is a messy affair. It floods streets, causes extensive property damage and poses severe health hazards. But, you can avoid this catastrophe by keeping an eye on your storm drain’s performance.

If your storm drain isn’t keeping up with the flow of water or the surrounding area begins to flood, it’s clear your storm drain needs some TLC right away.

Shower Your Storm Drain with TLC

Don’t save storm drain maintenance for a rainy day. Start taking care of it today. By doing so, you’ll catch small issues early and stop them from thundering into huge catastrophes.

Here’s what you can do to keep your system and your serenity flowing.

Stop debris from clogging your storm drain by clearing away fallen leaves, cleaning up any trash and trimming your trees of dead branches. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If water can carry it, you should move it or throw it out.

Another way to reduce the amount of debris that enters your storm drain is to keep up with routine cleaning. This is particularly important during periods of high rainfall.

No one cleans your storm drain more thoroughly than Ray The Plumber. You can count on our storm drain cleaning pros to:

  • Clear obstructed inlets and outlets
  • Remove all trash, sediment and debris
  • Inspect your system for problems
  • Repair any issues we unearth
  • Remove unwanted natural growth
  • …And more!

Let Us Send Your Storm Drain Troubles Down the Drain

Don’t get flooded with excess water problems. Come in out of the rain by scheduling your storm drain cleaning today. Fill out our online form or call us at 1.877.CALL.RAY!