Sewage Ejector Pumps

Don’t Mess With This Threat

Gravity keeps your plumbing moving in the right direction as drain wastewater flows into your septic or sewer tank. But that’s not what happens when the system is located below your main sewer or septic line’s grade. In that case, wastewater can flow right back into your home.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can keep your plumbing system underground and avoid a potential unsanitary threat with a sewage ejector pump from Ray The Plumber. Here’s why:

The Bottom Line Is…

If a toilet, washing machine or any other plumbing fixture is located below your home’s main sewer or septic line’s grade, there could be serious trouble. The natural flow of wastewater from these fixtures is back into your home. This, in turn, will lead to a costly and messy disaster. That’s why a sewage ejector pump is a necessity.

You see, a sewage ejector pump is an important part of your home’s water management system. It works by accumulating wastewater from floor drains, washing machines, toilets and other fixtures. Then, it defies the law of gravity. Rather than allowing unsanitary material to flow downwards, this device pumps the waste upward and out of your home. Phew! Your home and your budget are now flowing in the right direction.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that ejector pump failure can be catastrophic. So, if you notice any of the following warning signs that your system’s on the fritz, contact Ray The Plumber right away:

  • Motor is running but not ejecting a lot of fluid
  • Pump shuts off before emptying the pit
  • Pump continues to run even though the pit is empty
  • Loud noises

Protect Your Peace of Mind From Getting Sabotaged

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