A plumber fixing a low-pressure faucet, one of the hidden signs that something is not right with your plumbing.

7 hidden signs that something is not right with your plumbing

Plumbing issues are among the most complicated ones. Not only because fixing them requires a professional, but because even the slightest plumbing issue can quickly escalate and cause a disaster. To help you prevent those plumbing emergencies, we want to talk about hidden signs that something is not right with your plumbing. These silent signals are an indication that something does not work correctly. With that in mind, if you notice anything strange, call a professional plumber immediately.

1. Discolored pipes are a clear sign that something is not right

If you notice any discoloration on the pipes or the union, your house could have a pipe leak somewhere. That is a clear sign of moisture build-up. A dripping sink or a drain line can easily cause this problem. If that happens, you should consider upgrading or replacing your plumbing. Another culprit may be a slow leak in the supply line. The supply line is under pressure, so things could get ugly if you don’t react fast.

2. Weak water flow in all faucets

Low pressure in all faucets is another one of the hidden signs that something is not right with your plumbing. That means there is a problem with water distribution. It originates either at the water main or the supply line.

However, if only one faucet has low pressure, that is an easier problem. The issue is with the faucet aerator, and it is an easy fix.

3. Unpleasant sewer odor

Sewer odor is the main sign that vents and drain traps in your home do not function as they should. The purpose of vents is to channel sewer odor outside, most commonly to the roof. On the other hand, drain traps ensure that the sewer odor does not come out through the sink drain. That way, your home is safe from unpleasant smells.

However, if you notice sewer odor, that means a plumber needs to take a look at your vents and drain traps.

4. Your water bill is too high

If you experience an increase in your water bill, but you have not done anything to cause it, like spending high amounts of water, it is another sign that something is not right with your plumbing. The most common reason is a running toilet that never stops. There is also a chance of a leak.

5. Finding green patches in your yard

You probably noticed that sometimes patches of grass have a more vivid green color than the rest of the lawn. This may be a clear sign that your sewer system is malfunctioning. While leaking sewer drains might make your grass greener, they might also create sinkholes and obliterate your lawn. Furthermore, this type of plumbing issue might even jeopardize the structural base of your home.

When you have a plumbing problem as serious as this one, you don’t want to try any DIY projects. It is better to call a plumber and let them fix everything.

6. Bubbles appearing on the ceiling or in the wall paint.

If you notice that your wall paint is peeling off or bubbling, there is a problem with moisture in your walls. You either have a leak somewhere on the roof or in your home’s plumbing system. Moisture in walls can not only cause structural issues but may also create mold.

7. The color of the water changes

If you notice that the water is not clear anymore, call a plumber as soon as possible. Cloudy water means there is air in the pipes. If the water is brown or yellow, it happens because of rusty pipes. Rust will eat out through pipes very quickly, and it could cause leaks and considerable damage. Additionally, a significant issue is that the water is contaminated, so you cannot drink it.

It is also important to mention that sometimes water color changes only for a short period of time, and there is no actual plumbing problem. For example, if there was a water outage. Another reason is if your local fire department flushes the hydrants. That creates a surge of rust in the homes in that area.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not play a guessing game when it comes to your plumbing. As soon as you notice a problem, call a plumber and get it fixed before it escalates and causes major damage!

What to do in case you have a major plumbing issue?

If you find out there is a problem with the plumbing in your home, do not panic. The good thing is that you were able to diagnose the problem and call help. Before the plumber arrives and begins work, you may need to rent a storage unit for some of your items. It would be an excellent approach to find a safe and dry place for your belongings. That way, if something goes south, at least your stuff will not suffer any damage in the process.

Ask the plumber how much everything will cost and if the problem requires major repairs or it is an easy fix.

7 hidden signs that something is not right with your plumbing explained!

Let’s do a quick summary of what signs to look for when inspecting home plumbing:

  • discolored pipes;
  • weak water flow in all faucets, or just in one;
  • unpleasant sewer odor;
  • unusually high water bill;
  • green patches of grass in your yard;
  • bubbling ceiling or wall paint;
  • the discoloration of water.

Any of these signs require an immediate response. The longer you wait, the more you risk your home’s safety. Even the slightest plumbing problem can quickly escalate and cause a mess. Water damage is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only can it ruin all of your stuff, but it can also be a health hazard.

With that in mind, take these hidden signs that something is not right with your plumbing seriously. Call the plumber and get it fixed ASAP!